Sugar Agroindustry in Guatemala


Sugar agroindustry has become one of the main sources of foreign currency for the country and a major generator of jobs. This industry is comprised of 14 sugar refineries and four organizations that invest in its development.

  • Asociación de Azucareros de Guatemala (ASAZGUA): Its purpose is to increase production through the development and improvement of productivity both in the field as well as in the plant.
  • Centro Guatemalteco de Investigación y Capacitación de la Caña de Azúcar (CENGICAÑA) supports the technological improvements of the sugar agroindustry with the goal of improving production and productivity of sugar cane crops and its derivatives.
  • Expogranel, S.A. is the docking terminal responsible for receiving, storing and delivering export sugar produced by sugar refineries.
  • Fundazúcar de Guatemala is born as an initiative from sugar refineries to promote social development at the agroindustrial area where the sugar sector is located.


Sugar Sector in Figures


It represents 23.82% of the total value of Guatemala’s agricultural production and 13.65% of total exports at a country level. It is the second highest sector in the generation of foreign currency.

In 2008, sugar and molasses produced an income of US$ 406.7 Million, representing approximately 3% of the national GDP.


Job Generation


Additionally, 350,000 direct and indirect jobs were generated during the cane cutting season, 62,000 of them were direct jobs, of which 33,000 are cane cutters and support staff.

Guatemala in the Sugar Production and Export Ranking

In Latin American and the Caribbean, Guatemala is:

  • The second exporter
  • The fourth producer


At a world level:

  • Guatemala is the fifth exporter
  • The second in productivity per cultivated hectare



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